Calving Difficulty % €uro-Star Removal

It was clear that while the €uro-Stars do a very good job in relation to the overall economic indexes, they do not present as clear a picture when it comes to calving difficulty. The impression that the €uro-Stars were giving of a bull's 'calving difficulty %' was a lot more severe than what his actual calving difficulty percentage figure was saying.

For example: The Aberdeen Angus Bull 'Aynho Rossiter' (AYR) has a 'calving difficulty %' breeding value of '2.60%' so that means that approximately 2.6 calves out of every 100 will result in a difficult calving. The average for the Angus breed is 2.18% so again he is only slightly above breed average within the Angus breed and compared to the average calving difficulty figure for all beef breeds (5.04%), he is an easy calving bull. The problem however is that the €uro-Star rating of this bull of 1.5 stars makes him look like a hard calving bull which is not the case.

Therefore, it was decided to remove the €uro-Stars off 'Calving Difficulty %' and 'Daughter Calving Difficulty %' so as people will focus more on the actual percentage difficulty figure and compare it against the within and across breed average figures instead.

Further information on the ICBF Beef €uro-Stars can be found here.

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